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Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle - HL05-EN001 - Parallel Rare - Promo Edition

Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle - HL05-EN001 - Parallel Rare - Promo Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. When you activate this card's effect, you must Summon all 'Crystal Beast' monsters in your Spell & Trap Card Zone that you have open Monster Card Zones for. You cannot choose to Summon fewer than the maximum possible. If you have no 'Crystal Beast' monsters in your Spell & Trap Card Zone when you Special Summon 'Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle', you cannot activate this effect. You choose whether or not to use the 'Crystal Beast' effect at the time the destroyed monster would be sent to the Graveyard. This effect does not use the Chain. This effect cannot be used if a 'Crystal Beast' monster is destroyed by a card effect while face-down. If multiple 'Crystal Beast' monsters are destroyed at the same time, and you do not have enough open Spell & Trap Card Zones to place them all in as Continuous Spell Cards, you choose which (if any) to place in your Spell & Trap Card Zone. If your opponent controls one of your 'Crystal Beast' monsters and it is destroyed, your opponent can choose to place it in their Spell & Trap Card Zone. If they choose not to, it is sent to your Graveyard. If 'Macro Cosmos' or 'Banisher of the Light' is active on the field when a 'Crystal Beast' monster is destroyed, you can use its effect and still place it in your Spell & Trap Card Zone. If a 'Crystal Beast' battles with a monster such as 'Dark Magician of Chaos' or 'D.D. Warrior' it will be removed from play by that monster's effect, you cannot activate your 'Crystal Beast's' effect. If a 'Crystal Beast' is destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole' it will be removed from play and you cannot activate its effect. While 'Skill Drain' is active on the field, a 'Crystal Beast' monster that is destroyed will be sent to the Graveyard and cannot be put in the Spell & Trap Card Zone. If you control a 'Crystal Beast' equipped with 'Premature Burial' and have no open Spell & Trap Card Zones, when that 'Crystal Beast' is destroyed 'Premature Burial' is also destroyed and then you can choose to put that 'Crystal Beast' into the now empty Zone. [Re: Doomcaliber Knight] If 'Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle's' effect is activated when it is Special Summoned and 'Doomcaliber Knight's' effect is activated, 'Doomcaliber Knight' will negate the effect of 'Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle' that Special Summons 'Crystal Beast' monsters and destroy it. The player controlling 'Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle' can place it into their Spell and Trap Card Zone.
Passcode: 32710364
Set: Hobby League Season 5
ATK/DEF: 300/300
Card Number: HL05-EN001
Monster Type: Fairy
Rarity: Parallel Rare
Attribute: Light
Card Text: When this card is Special Summoned, you can Special Summon as many 'Crystal Beast' cards as possible from your Spell and Trap Card Zone. If this card is destroyed while it is in a Monster Card Zone, you may place it face-up in your Spell and Trap card Zone as a Continuous Spell Card, instead of sending it to the Graveyard.
Level: 3
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
Edition: Promo