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Shield & Sword - SDJ-040 - Common - 1st Edition

Shield & Sword - SDJ-040 - Common - 1st Edition

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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. You can use this card with 'Catapult Turtle'. In this case, inflict Direct Damage equal to half of the Tribute monster's original DEF to your opponent's Life Points. This card switches the original ATK/DEF only. After this, apply all modifiers to the new ATK/DEF. The effect of this card lasts for your turn only. This card has no effect on 'Relinquished' because 'Relinquished's' original ATK/DEF are both zero. If 'Shrink' affects a monster affect by 'Shield & Sword' after 'Shield & Sword's' effect is applied, its ATK will be half of the switched ATK (ie., half of its original DEF). If 'Shield & Sword's' effect is applied after 'Shrink's', that monster's ATK will become equal to its original DEF, and its original DEF will be equal to its original ATK (The effect of 'Shrink' effectively disappears). [Re: Amazoness Spellcaster] If you switch ATKs with 'Amazoness Spellcaster', and one of the monsters is equipped with 'Megamorph', after the switch, you change the ATK of the monster that is equipped with 'Megamorph' using the effect of 'Megamorph'. With 'Shield & Sword', since these are both Normal Spell Cards, you resolve them in the order of their activation, and recalculate their ATKs in that order. [Re: Castle Gate] If you use 'Shield & Sword' to switch the original ATK and DEF of a monster and then Tribute it with 'Castle Gate', the damage inflicted will be equal to the monster's unaltered original ATK. For example, if you use 'Shield & Sword' to switch the original ATK and DEF of 'Mystic Tomato' and then Tribute it with 'Castle Gate', you will inflict 1400 damage to your opponent's Life Points. [Re: Chaos Necromancer] If 'Shield & Sword' is activated, it reverses the original ATK & DEF of 'Chaos Necromancer', which are both zero, then 'Chaos Necromancer''s effect is applied and his ATK will be 300 x the number of monsters in your Graveyard, and DEF zero. [Re: Sand Moth] After 'Sand Moth' is Special Summoned by its own effect, if you activate 'Shield & Sword' it will have 1000 ATK / 2000 DEF for that turn.
Passcode: 52097679
Set: Starter Deck Joey
Card Number: SDJ-040
Monster Type:
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Spell
Card Text: Switch the original ATK and DEF of all face-up monsters on the field until the end of the End Phase. Any additions and subtractions to ATK and DEF due to card effects are applied to the new ATK and DEF. Monsters Summoned after this card's activation are excluded.
Card Type: Normal Spell
Name: Shield & Sword
Edition: 1st