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Amazoness Swords Woman - TP7-EN007 - Rare - Unlimited Edition

Amazoness Swords Woman - TP7-EN007 - Rare - Unlimited Edition

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Extra Info

Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. 'Amazoness Swordswoman' only applies her effect to Battle Damage to her controller, so if attacked by a stronger monster, the 'Amazoness Swordswoman' herself is still destroyed as normal. Damage inflicted to the opponent when 'Amazoness Swordswoman''s effect is activated is Battle Damage, so the opponent cannot use 'Barrel Behind the Door'. When 'Dark Ruler Ha Des' attacks 'Amazoness Swordswoman', the effect of 'Amazoness Swordswoman' is still resolved. When a monster affected by 'Diffusion Wave-Motion' attacks 'Amazoness Swordswoman', the 'Amazoness Swordswoman''s effect is applied and the opponent (who used 'Diffusion Wave-Motion') takes the damage dealt to Life Points. Likewise, the controller of 'Spear Dragon' takes damages when 'Spear Dragon' battles 'Amazoness Swordswoman' (or the controller of a monster equipped with 'Fairy Meteor Crush', or who used 'Meteorain'). When the controller of 'Amazoness Swordswoman' uses 'Kuriboh', the controller takes zero Battle Damage so no damage is dealt to the opponent. When 'Susa Soldier' battles 'Amazoness Swordswoman', the controller of 'Susa Soldier' takes full damage the damage is NOT halved. [Re: Begone, Knave!] The effect of 'Begone, Knave!' is applied to the monster that inflicts Battle Damage to the player, so if 'Amazoness Swords Woman' battles a stronger monster, 'Amazoness Swords Woman' would normally be returned to the owner's hand, but because she is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, she will not be returned. [Re: Confusion Chaff] If your 'Amazoness Swords Woman' declares the second direct attack during a Battle Phase, and 'Confusion Chaff' is activated, your opponent will take any battle damage from that battle. [Re: Cross Counter] If your opponent's 'Amazoness Swords Woman' attacks your Defense Position 'Mystical Elf', and you activate 'Cross Counter', you (the controller of 'Cross Counter' and 'Mystical Elf') take 1000 points of damage due to the effect of 'Amazoness Swords Woman', and then 'Cross Counter' destroys 'Amazoness Swords Woman'. [Re: Divine Wrath] You cannot chain 'Divine Wrath' to Continuous Effects such as: 'Perfect Machine King', 'Raging Flame Sprite' (either effect), 'Jinzo', 'Fire Princess', 'Mad Sword Beast', 'Hayabusa Knight', 'Cat's Ear Tribe', 'Amazoness Swords Woman', 'Harpie Lady 3', 'Fusilier Dragon the Dual-Mode Beast', 'The Fiend Megacyber', 'Blade Knight' (either effect), 'Patrician of Darkness', or monsters like 'Element Saurus' that gain ATK continuously. [Re: Lone Wolf] If you have 'Monk Fighter' targeted by 'Lone Wolf', the following are examples of monster effects that will NOT be negated because they are not applied to a monster: 'Airknight Parshath' (damage is inflicted and a card is drawn), 'Fiber Jar' ('Monk Fighter' is shuffled into the Deck), 'Maju Garzett' (the ATK of 'Maju Garzett' does not become 0), 'Susa Soldier' (the damage to Life Points is still halved), 'Dark Magician Girl' (her ATK is still increased by her effect), 'Stone Statue of the Aztecs' (Battle Damage to your Life Points is doubled), 'Amazoness Fighter' (opponent's Battle Damage to their Life Points is still zero), 'Amazoness Swords Woman' (Battle Damage is still redirected), and 'Reflect Bounder' (you still take effect damage to your Life Points).
Passcode: 94004268
Set: Tournament Pack 7
ATK/DEF: 1500/1600
Card Number: TP7-EN007
Monster Type: Warrior
Rarity: Rare
Attribute: Earth
Card Text: The opponent takes all Battle Damage to this card's controller that he/she would have taken from a battle involving this card.
Level: 4
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: Amazoness Swords Woman
Edition: Unlimited
Pendulum Scale: